Sanyo Sound Composition Box 3LP

Sanyo Sound Composition
Label: King Record NAS 350~2
Format: 3 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Box
Country: Japan
Genre: Easy Listening


LP1 Musical And Screen Music

A1 Sunrise Sunset
A2 Hello Dolly
A3 Chim Chim Cher-ee
A4 Edelweiss
A5 People
A6 Mame
B1 Love Theme From "The Godfather"
B2 Three Coins In The Fountain
B3 A Man And A Woman
B4 A Summer Place
B5 Love Is A Many Splendid Thing
B6 The Days Of Wine And Roses

Philip Green and His Orchestra

LP2 4Channel Pops

A1 Patton Theme
A2 Hot Pants
A3 Bond Street
A4 Season Of The Witch
A5 South Rampert Street Parade
A6 Sweet Gingerbread Man
B1 Taiyo Ni Aisaretal
B2 Two Guitars (Dve Chitarre)
B3 Namida No Kokyu
B4 Donimo Tomaranai
B5 Day Tripper
B6 Look At Yourself

A1-6 Enoch Light And The Light Brigade

LP3 Let's Sing

A1 Futari NoNichiyobi (vocal)
A2 Futari NoNichiyobi (instrumental)
A3 Toku E Yukitai (vocal)
A4 Toku E Yukitai (instrumental)
A5 Soshun Fu (vocal)
A6 Soshun Fu (instrumental)
B1 Soran Bushi (vocal)
B2 Soran Bushi (instrumental)
B3 Karajishi Botan (vocal)
B4 Karajishi Botan (instrumental)
B5 Doki No Sakura (vocal)
B6 Doki No Sakura (instrumental)


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